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Feline Foster Heroes Contest


In honor of Shelter Appreciation Week, we asked you to nominate a foster hero in our Feline Foster Heroes Contest to win a $500 gift card for themselves and up to $5,000 for their shelter! The votes have been tallied and the top three are here.


Learn From The Experts

The Jackson Galaxy Project

The Jackson Galaxy Project is a signature program of Greater Good Charities. Our team of experts have compiled resources that teach you how to create the best environment for your cat at home, how to interact with and even train your cat to high-five, and more! We’ve even pulled in some tips from the Cat Daddy himself.

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Hannah Shaw

Kitten Lady has compiled some of her best tips on caring for foster kittens, including nutrition and behavior. With her articles and videos you’ll have the knowledge you need to be a successful kitten foster!

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Become Fluent in Feline Foster

What exactly does it mean to foster a pet? Pets, like people, need a place to feel safe; a place where they can let their guard down and relax, where they don’t have to worry about where the next meal will come from, or if they will be warm and dry. Many pets have been neglected or abused when they enter a shelter, and foster heroes like you make it possible for them to spend their time waiting for a forever family in a loving home versus a stressful, loud shelter. Best of all, foster families can play a crucial role in helping find forever homes for the pets in their care, followed by welcoming new foster pets into their homes, providing a renewable lifesaving resource for shelters, rescues, and homeless pets in need.

While all homeless pets can benefit from a foster family, adult cats, medical needs cats, and kittens need the most help in most shelters, and by joining the #FelineFoster movement you are saving some of the most vulnerable pets’ lives in this country.

Here, new feline fosters or adopters can find resources needed to train and care for your cat, and shelters can find resources to set up a successful feline foster program and recruit quality foster candidates. We’ll give you tips and tricks from industry experts, including The Kitten Lady, Hannah Shaw, and the team from The Jackson Galaxy Project.

Foster Resources

Learn how you can use our Cat Pawsitive techniques to engage with your cat at home, get tips on how to understand your cat’s behavior, and more!

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Shelter Resources

Learn tried and true methods for setting up a sustainable foster program, how to “Catify” your shelter with Operation Catification, and more!

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Caring for Itty Bitty Bottle Babies

Support Cat-Saving Initiatives

Support Greater Good Charities' foster initiatives to help more pets find their way into foster homes, to ensure foster families have the supplies they need to care for their new family members, and to help more foster pets get adopted.

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Check out our social kits for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Help spread the word about our #FelineFoster resources and encourage your friends to bring a kitty home with them!

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