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Thinking About Fostering a Cat?

What You Need to Know Before Making the Decision

Many people jump into cat fostering and just learn as they go. That’s honestly how most of us got into it, but some of the things we learned on our own over the years would have been great to know before we started. What we’ll provide in this article is a general overview of the kinds of things to consider before fostering and tell you a little bit about what to expect when you’re a foster parent to a cat or kitten(s).

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Ready, Set, Foster a Cat!

You've Decided to Foster. Great! But... Where Do You Start?

Before you commit to your first foster cat, read our tips to make sure you’re all set. This article will touch on the first steps to getting started, things you should make sure to know and do before bringing home your first foster cat, a list of items you’ll need to foster cats, how to set up your foster space, and things you should do once your foster cat is home with you.

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Petting 101: Interacting with Your Cat

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DIY Foster Cat Kit Brought to You by The Jackson Galaxy Project


The Jackson Galaxy Project's Cat Pawsitive At Home Training Tips


Nutrition for New Fosters & Adopters: An Exclusive Offer from Royal Canin

To help people get started on their new kitten or cat owner journey, Royal Canin is covering the cost of the first month of nutrition for all new fosters or adopters.

How to Redeem:
  1. Purchase any Royal Canin kitten or cat food (up to $30 MSRP)
  2. Visit www.royalcaninrewards.com and use code 20-11942
  3. Upload a copy of your kitten’s foster or adoption paperwork and a purchase receipt
** One per household, limit to first 1,000 people