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DIY Catify Your Shelter with Cat Portals

Learn How to Install Cat Portals in Your Shelter

Greater Good Charities’ Rescue Rebuild team has been renovating and revamping shelters for years. We know the key to happy pets is a stimulating and safe environment. Check out this DIY video to learn how you can catify your space by installing cat portals!

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Marketing Pets in Foster

Tips for Utilizing Your Fosters

Many shelter and rescue programs are challenged to find ways to get adorable photos and information from their fosters, volunteers and staff and share them with potential adopters. The usual process can be tedious, but organizations everywhere are finding ways to make it easier.

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Your Cat Attacked What?!

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Why You Should NOT Toilet Train Your Cat

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Why Does My Cat Act “Crazy”?

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Your cat won't just randomly do things — there is always a good reason. Investigate that reason with the help of Cat Journalism and Jackson Galaxy.

What is Cat Fostering?

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What Is Cat Fostering and Why Is It Important? You’ve seen the word “fostering” tossed around a lot lately, and you probably know someone that is doing it – but…

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