What is Cat Pawsitive?

The Jackson Galaxy Project is a Signature Program of GreaterGood.org. Rooted in the goal to improve the lives of animals at risk and help the people who care for them, the program was founded by Jackson Galaxy, animal advocate, cat expert, and host of Animal Planet’s hit show My Cat From Hell.

Cat Pawsitive is The Jackson Galaxy Project’s training and enrichment program for cats.

We’re sure you’ve seen this at your organization: Big life changes lead to cats losing their mojo, their confidence, their essential “cattitude.”

When suddenly faced with a noisy shelter or an unfamiliar foster home, even the most outgoing and friendly cats can become nervous, shut down, or even just bored. This can make them seem less “adoptable.”

And that’s where Cat Pawsitive comes in!

The Jackson Galaxy Project’s Cat Pawsitive program is designed to keep adoptable cats mentally and physically active in a shelter or rescue environment. The focus is on fun, positive reinforcement-based training sessions that go beyond playtime-as-usual to help cats maintain their mojo and connect more quickly with potential adopters.

From teaching high fives and head bumps, to “sit” and “come when called,” caregivers at Cat Pawsitive participating organizations engage with cats in a brand new way to enhance the human-animal bond, encourage interaction, and maintain adoptability.

Behaviors learned in Cat Pawsitive can really help cats to “click” with adopters.

The goals for all Cat Pawsitive participating organizations are the same:
  • Enriching day-to-day life for adoptable cats
  • Increasing adoptions
  • Decreasing length of stay
  • Engaging and empowering volunteers and staff
  • Showing potential adopters that cats are cool and can even be trained

Cat Pawsitive organizations come in all shapes and sizes — from small, foster-based rescues to large, open-admission shelters. All participating Cat Pawsitive organizations can expect to:

  • Participate in an online training program designed by feline behavior experts.
  • Complete the program in just a few months, with only a small number of enthusiastic staff members or volunteers required.
  • Receive exclusive training tools from The JGP and our sponsor Petco Foundation.
  • Receive national exposure through the social media outlets of Jackson Galaxy, The JGP, and GreaterGood.org.
  • Have the opportunity to apply to be part of Cat Pawsitive Pro – The JGP’s exclusive, advanced behavior modification and training program for cats in shelters who need a more comprehensive approach to find their mojo.
Don’t take our word for it, hear what Cat Pawsitive alumni have to say about its magical powers!


To learn more about Cat Pawsitive or apply to become a Cat Pawsitive organization, email us at CatPawsitive@greatergood.org.